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Pink Champagne 500ml Luxury Grand Diffuser


This magnificent Cote Noire Pink Champagne diffuser will enhance any interior while infusing the air with a signature fragrance. Includes a grand glass bottle with scented diffuser oil and reeds, crystal glass base plate and is beautifully gift boxed. 

This crisp, fruity scent is a celebration of fragrance guaranteed to make any day a special one. sparkling notes of strawberry, middle notes of black berry with lingering base notes of pinot noir grape.

Fragrance: Pink Champagne / Champagne Rose. 

Dimensions: H: 50cm x W: 9cm x D: 9cm. 

Care instructions:

 The Grand diffuser includes a crystal glass base plate to avoid contact of diffuser liquid with surfaces. The diffuser will evenly release fragrance into the air using highly absorbent reeds (included) that always retain their colour and shape. Unlike most diffusers, these advanced reeds do not need to be turned - minimizing the chance of drips or spills on your possessions. Avoid contact of diffuser liquid and reeds with furniture and fabrics as this may cause staining. If any diffuser liquid comes in contact with furniture wipe off immediately.