I have recently purchased multiple items from Luxe including a lamp, trays, floral arrangements and a clock. All items were packaged brilliantly and delivery prompt. Mandy offers a level of customer service that is surpassed by few and is an absolute delight to deal with.

R. Worsfold

Ordered a large tray from Luxe through the post and it arrived within the week, I'm in Newcastle NSW. I was so happy with the quality and value for money I have now ordered something else and cannot wait for it to arrive as I'm sure it will be equally as good as my first purchase, would highly recommend buying from Mandy. Thanks

J. Pace

I cannot say enough how fantastic Mandy is, her products and customer service is the best in Perth I think! We have a Hamptons home and when I went to Luxe, I found Mandy to be the best I have dealt with, nothing was to much trouble and she found pieces for me that I didn’t know where to look for! I would 100% recommend anyone I know to go there and not be disappointed! Thank you Mandy

H. Antunovich

Made an online purchase lovely good quality products quick post with a personalised email and note. could not fault. Will be making some more purchases soon. Thanks so much Mandy.

C. McSwain




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Coffee & Side Tables

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